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I run workshops teaching people how to use the 3D Printing Pen 3Doodler. After each class, there can be a lot of waste ABS plastic filament left over. I didn't want to just throw all this plastic away, so I started to save it up.

This let me to research how I could make the most of these left overs in the attempt at achieving a zero-waste policy. I love that everyone out there is sharing their techniques and processes. This inspired me to document what I’ve been making in the hope that I can get even more people to give it a go.

Instead of building my own or using industrial equipment, I’ve used items that you can easily find online. They may even be things you already have at home and are just sat at the back of your cupboard!


A powerful food blender – The one I use is 900 watts

A grill or toasty maker - This delivers a high temperature from two heated plates

Non-stick petit four trays of different shapes

Non-stick sheet – I've used a sandwich toasty bag cut in half

Something heavy – I’ve used several big books

Oven gloves

Dust mask

Kitchen tongs


Cooling rack



- Start by blending your scrap ABS plastic in a food blender. You might find that some bigger, denser pieces do not break down.

- Set your grill to heat up. While wearing your oven gloves, place the non-stick sheets on the grill to protect the metal surface. Add the petit four tins and spoon in the blended plastic. Make sure you over fill the tins as it will eventually all squash down. Put another sheet of non-stick paper on the top.

- Close the grill. If it doesn’t fully shut, then place something heavy on top. It’s important to apply pressure to ensure a good finish. You could also use a clamp.

- Wait for at least 4 minutes. You may need to adjust this time depending on the size of the petit four tins and the type of grill you have. - When the time is up, carefully remove the tins from the grill. While they are still warm, trim the excess plastic from round the edge. You can save all the bits you cut off and put them back through the blender… Nothing goes to waste!

- Leave to fully cool on a rack.

- You can then remove the plastic pieces from the tins. That’s it! You have your finished pieces ready to be turned into new creations.

There’s so much you can do with them. You can make simply jewellery or join them together using a 3D Pen to create coasters, bowls and other 3D objects

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Be careful! Before you get started here are a few health and safety pointers:

-Work in a well-ventilated area

-Wear a dust mask at all times

-The equipment gets very hot so please wear oven gloves or something similar

-This process is not suitable for children to try on their own.

-Once you have used the tools and equipment for recycling, do not use them again for food preparation.


Film by Nuraan Ackers www.nuraanackersphotography.com

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Oven Glove- Nitin Goyal www.nitin-goyal.com