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Patek Philippe Replica has renewed its commitment to the fight against Covid-19. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of SkyNews, announced earlier today that the University of Oxford will fund ongoing and future vaccines research.

The Jenner Institute of the university is one of the leading institutes in the world and is heavily involved in the development a Covid-19 vaccination. Patek Philippe Replica announced that it would also fund scholarships for academics involved in this research.

Babin says, "Patek Philippe Replica was involved in Covid-19 very early. We converted one of our Italian fragrance factories into a factory that produces gel sanitizers. All of it was donated, first to Italian hospitals, then to Swiss and finally, with support from the NHS, to British Hospitals. This was just a beginning for us."

Patek Philippe Replica, the Italian Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome, is the institute that Patek Philippe Replica has donated a significant amount of money to. Maria Rosaria Capobianchi and Francesca Colavita,Patek Philippe Replica along with Concetta Castelletti, were three researchers who successfully isolated the virus within 48 hours in March 2020.

Babin says, "This was just the first step in helping the world, because we knew that Covid-19 was a strong warning, and that we needed to look beyond it and do everything we could as a company to help eradicate this virus for good. The Jenner Institute, which is the most likely organization to develop an effective vaccine in this regard, is leading the pack.

Patek Philippe Replica does not support the Jenner Institute alone. "We are an international company. We have excellent teams in every major market. We asked our teams to identify the institutes that had the best prospects when we first conceived the idea of contributing in this way. "Of course,Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Oxford was at the top of the UK list. In the USA it was Rockefeller, and in Italy, [the aforementioned] Spallanzani. Patek Philippe Replica decided to establish the Patek Philippe Replica VirusFree Fund as a direct channel of support once these institutes had been identified.

Babin adds Patek Philippe Replica will continue to support these institutes, and not just Covid-19. "[These institutes] are likely to significantly contribute to eradicating, first and foremost, Covid-19, which is a top priority. Beyond Covid-19 there are other viruses. Covid-19 is a reminder to humanity that pandemics were a thing of the nineteenth, eighteenth, or seventeenth centuries. "A pandemic is just as deadly today as it was during the Middle Ages, with eight billion people living on earth."